Multilaterale is a brewing initiative by and for the independent art spaces in Rotterdam.The idea is that the Multilaterale Group can brew high quality beers of styles otherwise not commonly found, while the spaces in the Multilaterale network can use the sales to finance their activities. With this model we hope to sustain both independent spaces and community brewing initiatives.


Rather than purchasing the brews after production, the spaces in the network order in advance. This minimizes financial risks for the brewers, which allows for more creativity on the one hand and guarantees good wholesale prices for the network on the other hand. This way Multilaterale is also an invitation to the network to participate in and think about the brewing processes, logistics, design and mutual support.


Multilaterale is an initiative by Henning Rosenbrock and Roel Roscam Abbing who are also founding members of the Brouwvereniging Rotterdam, the home brewing association of Rotterdam.


You can reach us via cheers[at]multilaterale.group!